Features of the Service

Our 24-7 Emergency Advice (previously known as 24-7 Response) service fulfils your legal requirements for a telephone number on safety data sheets, to ship lithium batteries or on tanker plates in the UK. It also has a number of features going beyond compliance. No other service provider is known to offer our mix of skills, experience and training.

The key features of the service are:

  1. The calls are always answered on a landline directly by one of our Incident Advisors, we do not use any third-parties or call centres.
  2. Our telephone system is sophisticated and robust. (as used by some public emergency services)
  3. We offer tailored advice, not just providing copies of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  4. The Incident Advisors undergo special training including chemical incidents, practical spill response and call-handling. Most are qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSA) and chemists. Meet the team.
  5. We can offer dedicated telephone numbers with bespoke greetings for our English language service.
  6. The telephone number can be used on products,
  7. We hold a bespoke call-handling procedure for every client.
  8. All calls are digitally recorded, and the recordings are available.
  9. Following a call, we would issue you with a written call report.


To further add to the above, we have many years of experience in providing advice to those dealing with chemical and environmental emergencies.  At the time of a call we ask questions designed to build up a picture of the situation. Using our skills and training and product information, we advise the caller authoritatively and calmly on the best actions to take to minimise the risk to people, the environment and property. We advise on all sizes of incidents.