Our Service

24-7 Emergency Advice Line Service

We offer a 24 hour emergency advice line manned by our team of expert Incident Advisors. We can also offer dedicated numbers. The number can be used to transport dangerous goods (including lithium batteries) around the world, whether on packages or on vehicles.

Expert Incident Advisors

Emergency calls are answered on a land line directly by one of our team of highly skilled and experienced Incident Advisors, who are mostly chemists and qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSA). They offer specific and tailored advice to callers on the best actions to take to minimise the risk to people, the environment and property.

Multilingual Emergency Response

We have developed a robust process that enables advice to be given to those dealing with incidents involving hazardous goods in their language. Our cost-effective service helps clients to meet their national, regional and global obligations.

Training For:

Lithium Battery Support Services

DGSA Service

Regulatory Consultancy Services (REACH, CLP/GHS)

DG Awareness and Chemical Saftey

Our Complete Service is Available for:

Fuel Distributors

ADR Transport Operators

Manufacturing and Processing Facilities

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