Fuel Spill Response

Emergency Telephone Number for Hazchem Placards & Fuel Depots

Emergency Response for the Fuel Distribution Industry

Fuel distribution was OAMPS’ original market sector in the UK, and the company has grown to become the leading insurance provider to the petrochemical industry.  Within the OAMPS Group there is a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved in handling and transporting petroleum products, and no shortage of experts who are experienced post incident remediation.

The 24-7 Response Emergency Line service draws on this experience, and that of our Incident Advisors, to offer the fuel distribution industry a robust solution for providing specialist advice on your behalf.

Advice from 24-7 Response can minimise the time, and costs, involved in resolving an incident. The Emergency Line service enables clients to meet their legal requirements and it is a cost-effective solution for fleets of all sizes.  24-7 Response helps companies to meet their legal requirements and provides a cost-effective solution for fleets of all sizes.

At 24-7 Response, we are uniquely positioned to provide a complete Level 1, 2 and 3 response throughout the UK for OAMPS-insured operators, where:

  • Level 1 = Advice over the telephone
  • Level 2 = Advice at the scene
  • Level 3 = Clean-up & remediation