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Chemical Emergency Response Case Studies

Below are a number of case studies to show you some of the types of emergencies that 24-7 Response is capable of handling.


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Case Study: Rail Crash Clean up response

Following a major freight train derailment in Scotland resulting in the release of 240,000 litres of fuel, OHES were appointed as lead environmental consultants to direct and manage the emergency pollution control response and investigative and remediation programme to protect and restore the environment.


The immediate area around the crash was heavily impacted and neighbouring agricultural land and a watercourse were heavily contaminated with oil visible along 27km of river. Emergency actions mitigated the damage to the environment; a risk based remediation strategy was formulated and remediation measures were successful at removing and controlling ongoing risk. Working closely with our client to ensure the railway could become operational again within a very tight timescale our pragmatic, professional and efficient approach to this challenge was recognised and appreciated.


This incident utilised our complete range of in-house expertise from incident management, contaminated land investigation, groundwater investigation and modelling, remediation management, to ecology and fisheries surveys. The team provided a comprehensive and intergrated response which satisfied our client, insurers, local land owners, interested parties and the environmental Regulators.



Case Study: Spillage

OHES were instructed by insurers to provide a second opinion on a remediation scheme proposed following an oil loss of several thousand litres into land and a watercourse running through a championship golf course in Ireland.


The golf course had been seriously impacted visually in the days and weeks following the pollution incident which occurred as a result of an attempted theft of oil from a bulk storage tank nearby. There was natural concern over the appearance and odour of the watercourse and 5 lakes running through the golf course and over the planned irrigation of greens using water from the lakes.


A previous study had recommended closing the golf course, relocating the signature hole for the course, draining all the lakes, removing lake sediment and extensive soil removal from bankside locations throughout the affected area. Remediation and disruption costs approaching £2M had been suggested to insurers.


OHES undertook a comprehensive risk based intrusive site investigation and concluded that remedial actions should be limited to removal of identified hotspots and not exceed £25K over and above normal routine course maintenance activities. The course could remain open with no risk to users and no disruption.


Due to our excellent and pragmatic reputation we are often asked to comment on proposed remediation schemes and act as expert witnesses for insurers.



Case Study: Tanker Rollover

A client’s tanker has rolled over at 06:20 am spilling hazardous product on the highway. This incident resulted in a major A-road being shut at the beginning of the morning rush hour. As a client of 24-7 Response and OAMPS Petrochemical, just one phone call was needed and we handled it from there...

06.20 Time of incident
06.25 24-7 Response received phone call advising of the incident
06.41 Tank details identified by 24-7 Response and client advised of spillage
06.50 Client confirmed the contents of the tanker and requested that 24-7 Response deal with the incident using the resources of the OAMPS scheme
06.58 Fire brigade on site and in regular contact with 24-7 Response
07.00 OHES team en route to incident location with UK Spill accredited contractors
07.25 Full report provided to OHES incident response team
08.45 OHES Consultant is on site reducing environmental risk, arranging vehicle recovery and liaising with the emergency services
10.40 OAMPS appointed remediation response crew arrive on site to minimise spillage damage
13.45 Additional crew arrive to transfer remaining product out of damaged vehicle and vehicle "righted"
16.00 Carriage way begins to open in time for rush hour traffic



Case Study: Tanker Rollover

OHES were called following a road traffic collision involving a road tanker transporting 34,000 litres of Gas Oil on the M62 Motorway.


The tanker collided with the central reservation barrier and overturned resulting in a large spillage of oil onto the carriageway and closing the motorway in both directions. OHES mobilised a specialist crew selected from our network of UKSpill accredited contractors. The crew utilised tanker rollover containment equipment to prevent further loss from the vehicle and transhipped the product still on board onto a spare tanker. 28,000 litres of product had escaped onto the roadway and into associated drainage and the receiving watercourse. The Fire & Rescue Service had managed to contain a significant amount of oil utilising simple environment protection equipment. This contained product was recovered by our contractor and works commenced in the watercourse to boom and stop the further spread of pollution.


Prompt actions permitted the reopening of the motorway and environmental damage was kept to an absolute minimum.

Our 24/7 Incident Response Management capability has protected our clients and the environment and ensures incident costs are controlled and minimised. To reduce these kinds of accident, 24-7's sister company PTF also offers a number of driver training courses including ADR Training, CPC training and Incident response training for tankers.



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